Most Effective Tips for Eyelash Enhancements


Apart from the special occasions such as weddings and prom parties, we always want to look presentable and confident. The way you look, directly affects your confidence level. Eyes are one of the most appealing parts of anyone’s personality, especially in case of women. Women often try various techniques such as curling up their eyelashes or applying mascara to accomplish a bold and sultry look of their favourite starlets. Achieving dark, long and thick eyelashes is every woman’s dream. At the same time, it would not be wrong to say that it’s quite difficult to get done at home. Fortunately, professional services such as mobile bridal makeup can help you to achieve astonishing results almost immediately. There are a number of cutting-edge techniques that our competent beauty technicians use to enhance your eyelashes. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent techniques.


Eyelash Extensions – This is a technique that requires utmost precision to achieve impressive results. In this technique, our professional beauty experts apply thread like synthetic fibres to each of your individual eyelashes. Though these eyelashes are almost same as false eyelashes, here you can achieve longer and natural looking eyelashes. This is a perfect make up trick that thousands of women use on their wedding day.


Eyelash perms – This technique is useful for women who already have long eyelashes. The beauty technicians can perm their eyelashes for a dramatic appearance. Also, the beauty experts curled up the already lengthy eyelashes, to make them look fuller, thicker and more sophisticated. When used with eyelash tinting, you can achieve some awe-inspiring results.


Eyelash Tinting – I have seen many women who are more concerned about the colour of their eyelashes than the length. If you are among them, then eyelash tinting will be the perfect option for you. The technique is somewhat similar to hair colouring and is used to provide a different hue and a unique appearance to the eyelashes. There are a number of shades that you can choose from such as dark brown, jet black and even the funkier ones such as blue or purple.


False Eyelashes – This is perhaps the easiest and the cheapest method available to enhance your eyelashes. Though you won’t receive spectacular results, this method is perfect in dealing with emergency situations. Instead of individual fibres, an entire row of artificial hair is used to provide a thick and long eyelashes look. You can buy these false eyelashes from cosmetic store or you can contact professional beauty services for better results.


No matter which option you choose, you cannot deny the importance of professional beauty services in attaining a perfect appearance. We, at mobile bridal makeup, are aware of all aspects of eyelash enhancements. Apart from providing you the terrific eyelash enhancement services, we can also suggest you the best options that will perfectly suit your facial features and theme of the occasion.

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