Wedding Hair

How to Select the Perfect Wedding Hair Style for You


There is no denying the fact that a wedding day is one of the most anticipated and important days in the life of any woman. As the day approaches, it’s essential that you should have perfect plans for all aspects of your appearance for your big day. I have noticed a surprising trend among many future brides. They spend countless hours in choosing the best wedding dresses for them, perfect accessories and shoes to go with it. There is nothing wrong in doing that, but during the whole process, sometimes, they totally forget about one of the most salient aspects of their look; their hair. In all my years in the industry, I don’t understand how they forget about such an important part of their appearance that they will wear for every second during the occasion. So, professional wedding hair makeup services are essential to complete your perfect look; this is even more important than your wedding dresses and facial makeup. If your hair is perfectly styled, it would take all the other aspects of your personality to a whole new level. Let me explain you some effective steps to get perfectly styled hair.


Identify the hair style that perfectly suits you: When you look for wedding hair styles, you have to make sure that the chosen hairstyle perfectly suits your personality. Actually, it depends a lot on your facial features, and your physical characteristics such as your height and weight, etc. Professional hair styling services, such as mobile bridal makeup, can effectively guide you in the right direction. You can consider following factors to select the best hair style for you.


  • Climatic conditions at the place where the wedding is going to take place.
  • Do you want sophisticated or simple appearance?
  • Do you want to put in some hair accessories?
  • Length of your hair; short, medium or long.
  • Do you want your hair straight or curled up?


Consult with a professional hair stylist: If you are clueless about what you should go for or which hair style perfectly suits your looks and personality, then it makes sense to book consultation with a professional hair styling service. At mobile bridal makeup, we can show you plenty of options along with pros and cons of every option. This should be done a few weeks before the wedding, so that you can get enough time to brainstorm the available options.


Wedding hair is much more than just Up-dos: There is nothing wrong in wearing this traditionally popular hair style called “up-do” for your wedding day, but it is suitable for women with only medium length or long hair. Additionally, there are a number of new and existing wedding hair styles available now. We, at mobile bridal makeup, have seen many women who want just any type of hair style for their wedding except up-do. They want to try out new wedding hair styles and new accessories that perfectly match these new styles. Therefore, it’s essential to contact a professional hairstylist that can understand your needs and recommend the perfect wedding hair style for you. With our mobile bridal makeup services, we can accomplish precisely that for you.

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