Spray Tanning

Skinny Tan Spray Tanning

Skinny Tan is definitely the most popular brand we’ve come across offering a streak-free, perfect coverage! Having a sunless tan is much safer as it will not damage your skin.  If you’re a little behind at the gym, having a little glow will take off the edge and helps to hide imperfections like bruises, spider veins, cellulite and even out patchy skin tones. Even if your are fair skinned and afraid of tanning, their is a spray tan for all skin types and colours.  If you are concerned about taking your tan too far then book in a trial tan a few weeks or months before to ensure it is perfect for your big day.
Skinny Tan comes in a variety of strengths all designed for different skin types to ensure you have the perfect glow. So whether your skin is extremely pale, sensitive to sunlight, freckly or insensitive, never burns and has heavy pigmentation there is a colour for you!

Pre treament advice:

  • exfoliate regulary and especially the night before the tan
  • paint nails and toenails
  • wax/shave 24 hours prior to treatment
  • DO NOT moisturise on the day of the tan
  • wear loose dark clothing
  • refrain from eyelash tinting 12 hours before as it may react with the DHA
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