Top Make-Up tips for mother of the bride

kent make up tips for older brides If you are the Mother of a Bride and want some help, read on..

All to often I hear people saying women over 40 shouldn’t wear shimmer…this is not true, of course you can just make sure it’s a good quality product and not too much! Shimmer and highlighters make the skin look fresh and dewy which is ideal for older skins. It’s all in the product, you pay for what you get I’m afraid. When it comes to colours, there is no right or wrong, what colours do you like? What do you feel comfortable in? Even if it’s a blue for example, just don’t overdo it, maybe a little blue eyeliner, or use it as an accenting colour , not all over the eye.

Always use a primer for the eye, this is a must! This creates an even base for you start from and it ensures your make stays ALL day, there is nothing worse than eyeshadow that slips down after a few hours and creases up in the eyelids. I recommend urban decays eye primer or benefit stay don’t stray is also very good, this is a heavier primer than the urban decay, but more suitable for people who have maybe uneven pigment and skin tones.

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